David Hicken | Cinematic Piano Music


David Hicken is redefining the art of composing for the piano. 

From melodic and harmonically rich romantic pieces, to intricate contrapuntal toccatas which touch and move people, David's compositions inspire pianists to sit at the piano and practice more than ever before. 

As a pianist and composer, he is leading the way forward by creating timeless, exciting and powerful music that appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds.



This website is the only place where you will find David's music.

Alls CDs $9.95

All Printed Songbooks $19.95

Shipping is $3.50 domestic and $7.50 international

David is the only pianist to offer MIDI files of his work. Take a look at the "purchase music" tab.

Check out David's YouTube channel to hear his latest work!

In response to the hundreds of emails he receives from aspiring pianists, David has written an eBook 'Secrets To Better Piano Playing' which describes how he does what he does. 

David is currently working on a new album entitled "The Art Of Piano" which will be complete in a few months.  Unlike other artists, David releases each track as soon as it is finished so that other pianists can play the sheet music and use the MP3 and MIDI files for reference.  Just a few more tracks are needed before the album is complete.  Sign up below to receive updates about this exciting and groundbreaking new album.

David's sheet music is available exclusively on this website.

David Hicken is proud to be a Shigeru Kawai Artist