David Hicken ~ Pianist & Composer

Common Questions

Is it safe to order from your website?

The store on my website is hosted by an excellent company which uses the same encryption used by all major retailers.  Your information is completely safe and is never shared with anyone.  You can use any major credit card or PayPal at checkout, and your statement will show that the charge was processed by Enchanting Music.

How will I receive my order?

If you purchase digital products such as a PDF or MP3 files, you will receive an email upon completion of your order, which contains a link to download the files.  Usually, the email will arrive within a few minutes, but if paying via PayPal, there can occasionally be a backlog on their system which although rare, might cause your email to be slightly delayed.  If you don't receive an email, most of the time it means that it went into a spam or junk mail folder, so take a look there.  If you still don't receive anything, then send me an email.  I usually respond within a few minutes because I receive emails on my phone, but if I don't respond quickly, it means that it's nighttime and I'm sleeping.

Avoid trying to download your files directly to a phone or a tablet, because these devices are usually not designed to download and save files directly from any source other than their associated app and music stores.  You must download the files to a computer first, and then transfer them to your preferred mobile device.

The link you receive does expire, and only allows a certain amount of downloads, which is implemented as a safety feature intended to prevent people from sharing the files.  However, once you have purchased files from me, you always have access to them should you ever need to download them again.  If you find that the link has expired, or experience any difficulties in downloading your items, send me an email and I will reset the link for you.  Again, I am usually able to respond to these requests quickly because I receive alerts on my phone.

Books and CDs are usually mailed the day after the order is received.  Once the order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email as well as another email when the item ships along with tracking information.  All items are mailed via U.S. Post Office priority or first class mail.  International orders cannot be tracked once they leave the U.S., but we ship products all over the world and rarely have any problems with customers receiving their orders.

Can you explain the shipping charges?

I charge my customers the fee that it costs me to mail an item, and I don't believe in trying to make a profit from shipping.  Because I ship all over the world, it has been necessary to make the shipping options on the store as simple as possible.  Domestic orders which weigh less than 13oz are always shipped first class mail, and orders which weigh over 13oz must be sent via priority mail.  The fee to ship most of my books internationally is $12.60, and although it is lighter, a CD costs $13.25 because it has to be sent as a package rather than a flat envelope.  These fees apply to most countries, and there are unfortunately no cheaper options.  However, all of my shipping charges are per order, which means that you can order as many items as you like and the shipping price is the same.  You may want to consider purchasing more than one item to help offset the shipping cost.

What kind of piano do you use?

The Shigeru Kawai SK-7 semi-concert grand is hand-made, features a carbon fiber action, and has a list price of $97,000.  

Which iPad model do you use?

12.9 inch iPad Pro

Which app do you use to read music?

"ForScore" which you can download here.  

How do you turn the pages?

The “AirTurn Duo” wireless foot pedal which you can get here

What software do you use to write music?

Dorico which you can get here.

Do you teach piano?

After teaching thousands of students over the course of twenty five years, I no longer teach and prefer to spend my time composing new music, however my colleagues teach lessons via Skype to students all over the world.  Send an email for more information.  

Can I purchase your sheet music anywhere else?

No.  My sheet music is only available on this website.  The only exception is a piece of choral music I wrote called "Adoramus te" which is published by Hal Leonard.

I purchased music from your site a long time ago and my computer died.  What should I do?

Send me an email and I will resend the links