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I was born and raised in England and began piano lessons at the age of three with my mother who was a piano teacher.  I studied diligently and took many examinations in piano, music theory, organ and clarinet.  I also sang in choirs, performed in orchestras and participated in competitions and recitals.

At the age of twelve, the organ became my primary instrument, and I knew that I wanted to become a musician.  My studies continued in counterpoint, harmony, orchestration and choral directing, and I gave solo organ recitals at major cathedrals throughout England while still very young. At the age of seventeen I left for America to attend music school.

I soon began composing using electronic instruments and signed my first record contract when I was nineteen - all while still giving regular classical organ recitals.  I worked as an organist, choir director, accompanist and conductor, but what I enjoyed the most was performing and composing.  

While living in Los Angeles, I taught the children of numerous celebrities and became so busy teaching that it didn't leave much time for composing.  I continued to perform and also released two classical organ CDs, but I became so burned out from teaching seven days a week that I gave up music completely and became a scuba instructor.  No I'm not joking!  I worked my way through the ranks and became a Master Instructor, which is the highest instructor rating.  

I was offered a job in Tahiti, but instead moved to Thailand and later Sri Lanka, where I worked for Sir Arthur C. Clarke.  I had many adventures, and although music was no longer in my life at that point, I still grew as a musician due to my life experiences.

Upon my return to America, I chose to live in Hawaii where I spent ten years.  My studio overlooked the Pacific ocean on the North Shore of O'ahu, and it was there that I wrote a trilogy of piano albums.  Despite the success of my "softer" albums, I decided to write more technical and exciting piano music because I wanted to wake people up rather than put them to sleep.  

I developed some ideas that I really liked, but those compositions remained incomplete owing to life getting in the way.  I had wanted to release a Christmas piano CD for some time, and Christmas was fast-approaching, so I completed an album in about two weeks.  

"The Bell Carol" incorporated elements of my unfinished compositions and became immediately popular.  It was suggested that I make a video, however I didn't feel that people would be particularly interested in watching me sit at the piano and play a Christmas piece.  We worked out a story for the video, but it was all too long to fit into five minutes, so what you see today are fragments of that story.  The video was filmed behind my house in Hawaii and we had no idea how successful it would become.

Upon revisiting my unfinished compositions, "Incantation" and "The Letter" were born.  I began releasing videos of these pieces on YouTube, and soon realized that people were really enjoying my performances and compositions.  Pianists all over the world began buying sheet music of my compositions, and it became clear that this was a style of music that excited and motivated people.  I wrote more music and "The Art Of Piano" was the result - a style of music that is best described as "classical crossover".

Although I have toyed with the idea of doing "covers" and "arrangements" to increase views and subscribers on YouTube, I would rather create new and original music that is timeless.  I no longer teach and I rarely perform, but instead spend my days composing and creating new music.

I share my knowledge through books such as "Secrets To Better Piano Playing" as well as others that are currently in the works.  I answer questions and give feedback about fans' compositions and performances through my Patreon page, where a community of wonderful people help me to create great videos.  In return, I share sheet music, MP3 files, videos before they are released as well as advice about all aspects of piano playing and composition.  Please consider helping me to share my art with a larger audience by becoming a patron.

I really enjoy what I do, I'm proud of my work, and it is an honor to know that so many people throughout the world enjoy my compositions.

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Finally, I would ask that you please take a moment to share my music and videos with your friends and relatives.  This helps me a lot and makes a big difference in getting this music out into the world.

Thanks for taking the time to find out more about me.

Musically yours,

David Hicken